Business Insurance

Shareholder Protection

Keep your investment secure with our bespoke Shareholder Protection service.

At Moriarty, we will ensure that your investments are protected and the future of your company is secure in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to craft tailored shareholder arrangements crafted to suit each shareholder’s individual needs, ensuring peace of mind for you and your business partners.

Moriarty’s comprehensive package of measures can be used to safeguard your interests and protect the company from potential risks.

In the event of a shareholder passing away, being declared unfit to work or being diagnosed with a terminal illness, a business owner can buy shares back, helping owners stay in control of the business.

Having a shareholder arrangement can make these difficult events easier to navigate for both grieving family members and your company. These arrangements will set out how the shares should be valued and offer surviving shareholders the opportunity to buy these shares.

Without shareholder protection in place, you run the risk of a shareholder’s next of kin taking over the investment and deciding how it is managed, often without the relevant knowledge or experience.

Business Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

Business Insurance Private Medical Insurance The price of private medical treatments can be a pricey endeavour, whether it’s for seeing a specialist for a diagnosis

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Business Loan Insurance

In the unfortunate event of losing your business partner due to death, disability or prolonged illness, the burden of loan repayments can be too much to bear – especially at short notice.

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